Ledbury Parish Church


The Door Of Peace

Is a door that is very old and crusty,

As you walk towards the church gates

You can taste the sign of peace

Deep sounds of a lawn mower hum,

The familiar sound of summer,

The lovely smell of the flowers

Floats around

A stone archway leads to the delicate double door,

Protected by an unbreakable standing shield,

When you touch the door you can feel squiggles on it,

It looks like the door is cracked

The loud noise of the ringing bell

Hits the door and makes it sing,

And when you knock on the door

It welcomes you in

As you enter the still-standing giant,

Echoes of the mighty organ surround the room,

The smell of dust won’t leave you,

You can’t ignore the taste of hard solid rock

The church warden’s stave, only held by the warden,

Is kept in two strong holders,

Its golden brass positioned at the top,

As if ready for battle

The shiny story windows reflect the sun

Throwing rainbow light on the floor,

The medieval priest’s statue, so old it’s crumbling,

But there it still lies, resting in peace.

Written by Alfie, Anya, Lily Beth, Jay, Kasey, Kit and Ollie

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