Ledbury Hardware


The white and blue colours of the shop looks like the sky,

The bright white doors stand there proudly,

Trapped open all day with silver railings like sea shells

These grand doors lead into a magical place,

When you reach the top of the steps

You feel like the king or queen of the castle

There’s a sign reminding you to kill weeds and moths

And buy tomato feed, and a huge stack of bamboo sticks,

But this shop is not what it seems…

It sells rainbow-coloured food bowls for pet dragons,

A mirror leading to a different dimension that shines like a star,

What else can you find on the shelves?

Mousetraps waiting for the next victim,

Stain Devil sun cream for hot Hell,

Flower seeds like Jack and the Beanstalk brown beans

Powerful metal batteries for a spiky Dinocharger,

Jars full of spells to make you invisible,

Look closer! There are…

Potions to turn animals into rock statues,

Potions to make fruits huge,

Potions for rats to make them gigantic

Look around! Find wire brushes for wiping unicorns,

Golden nails for mending secret treasure chests,

Small birds turned to stone

But wait! What’s this?

A real witch’s cat is sleeping in the window,


Written by Alfie, Amelie, Avram, Caitlin, Cody, Felix, Louisa and Niamh

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