Handley Organics


A green door stands still all day long at Handley Organics,

A door with a friendly face held open for you,

A tornado of iron swirls and twirls proudly in the window,

The paint is the colour of rainforest vines,

You can see buildings looking in envy at this shop!

The food begs for someone to buy and eat,

Fruit and vegetables fresh from Mother Nature’s facilities,

The smell of baked goods and pies hangs in the air like mist,

The shop sounds silent until customers crowd in,

Two shopkeepers wait patiently for their daily rush hour,

One wanders around, happily stacking banana baskets.

There’s a mini-forest of asparagus in the buckets,

Their stalks stand tall and proud like soldiers,

Aubergines look like fat men with green hair,

Meringues shaped like clouds,

Feel the lumpy broccoli!

The food is lining up to go to a party in my tummy!

By the steps rests a fat chicken made of metal,

Lights like diamonds show you the way,

Upstairs it smells of spices and coffee,

Wooden tables and chairs wait for you to sit down,

Look at the amazing view from the café,

This shop is so exceptional you could stay here all day!

Written by Caprice, Conor, Jasmin, Lillie, Vivien, Sam and Woiciech

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