Cycles Clements


The door cries “OUCH!” as bikes bump it,

A blue bike of beauty stands tall and proud in the window,

“I don’t want to be outside! I want people to say WOW at me!”

It has a wonderful view of the flowers waving in the wind,

The lavender smell pushes through cracks,

Making the shop inside smell fresh and bizarre!

A step and a ramp lead to the shop and from the shop,

But magical bikes jog up the stairs!


Look at the bikes stacked in racks,

Big adults at the bottom, small children on top,

Beautiful bikes, bright as the round sun,

Rainbow bikes, with rubber wheels for legs,

You can buy pretty baskets to hang on handlebars,

Loud bells, twinkly bells, champion bells,

Eco Bike Wash to freshen up and get rid of bad germs,

Water to keep bikes healthy

Listen! Sounds of fixing in the shop,

Gross operations happening in the doctor’s room,

Golden brown boxes of nuts and bolts,

Magical weapons, spanners, hammers, screwdrivers,

Multi-coloured cables, confusing levers,

Mysterious secret stairs lead to who knows where…

Be brave! This is the Bicycle Hospital!

We’ll make your wheels feel well!



Written by Amelia, Daejuan, David, Elliotte, Izzie, Liam, Lewis and Rose

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