2. The Churchyard

The Hopeful Bench

Colours all around me like a rainbow gushing through Ledbury,
The smell of flowers swirling around me like a hurricane,
I know I am a special bench, I know I am a sacred bench,
I feel small compared to trees far in the background,
So tall that even I am an ant compared to them

What will happen when the golden leaves fall?

They shall cover me like a caring blanket,
Kindly snake-green trees are my only companions,
I can hear them telling stories to their children,
Waving their wrinkly branches at the church followers,
All I wish is to join the glorious singing

And be part of a pew

At night, all is sinister and silent…
Spiders tickle my battered wooden feet,
There’s a row of gravestone teeth to my left
Ready to nibble my hind legs,
But I trust the solid church to protect me from danger

Like a guardian angel

Even though I love the joy-filled songs,
I always look forward to the peace and harmony
When night falls and the world is quiet,
I remain hopeful that one day I can retire to the country,
You’re probably surprised about my hopes and dreams

I bet you didn’t know benches could talk…

Poem by: by Alanna, Andrei, Emma, Lily, Sam and Sophie, Years 3 & 4
Film by: Class 3SB

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