3. The Walled Garden

The Freedom Bench

The stage is set and ready for the show,
Behind the scenes, insects wait to scurry into action,
Roll up! Roll up! Are you sitting comfortably?
YES! Then let the show begin!

Lights! Camera! Action!
Hi, I’m the bench! The famous bench!
Look up and see! I feel like I’m on TV!
The blazing sun shines down on me
Like an everlasting spotlight,
Nature’s scenery is splattered with colour,
Filling the atmosphere with sweet-smelling nectar,
Let your imagination run wild!

There are gigantic monster trees bubbling their bug-eyes! Beware!
And a three-headed dragon with leaves for flames! Over there!
Can you find a mysterious teacup swinging in the wind? It’s here somewhere!

Fascinating flowers, purple and white, crawl up the wall,
Trying to sit on top and have a better view,
See the Ladies Mantle burst with life,
Droplets on her fingertips sparkle like crystals,
Hear the audience of rose bushes whoop and cheer!

I am famous! I am rich! I am enjoying this!
I am cloaked by a cobbled wall, sheltering me from rain and snow,
Glaring and boasting, some bricks pull hurtful faces though
But I don’t care! The birds give me cheer
When I hear them cheeping, softly, calmly,
Making their nests and laying their eggs,
Flapping around and feeding their chicks.

Whatever happens, I am centre stage!
A bench that is passionate for freedom!
I am free to speak and tell you about my life,
Forget your worries or sad thoughts,
You can sit here and listen to me for free!

I hope you have enjoyed the show! Do you want more?
Please visit me again if you want an ENCORE!

Poem by: Ben, Cameron, Hannah, Jules, Mason, Samantha, Years 3 & 4
Film by: Class 4DA

We are grateful to Ledbury Rotary Club for allowing the plaque to be attached to this bench.

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