6. The Market House / War Memorial

The Tolerant Bench

I’m the time-telling bench
In the centre of the town,
Shining like a crown, a mascot,
Surrounded by a grey world

An occasional glimpse of nature,
Fresh green life rejuvenates my spirit,
Just out of reach are the tasty pastries,
Just out of reach are the colourful flowers

I’m always the same
To he who sits by the roadside,
Smelling fragrances of petrol,
Smoke clouds my life

A glorious birthday cake memorial,
My only friend, a prouder better me,
Wreath of poppies, red and bright,
Flame of gold, sprung to life

Day after day shops fill and empty,
Waves of people, walking fast, unaware,
The hustle and bustle complements me,
I am sat on much more than others

Crouching behind me, black and white,
The wooden spider is tall as tall,
Yet compared to the turret that ticks at night,
The spider is small as small

Cars like sharks patrol the streets,
Rumbling past, swept along by the tide,
A concrete road that will never wither,
Never ceasing, never dying down

Wheels rolling, car doors slamming,
Buses almost brushing me at their stop,
I long for the peace that once was
When horses trundled by with carts

“I wish I was active,” I heave a sigh,
As time goes by I become worn out,
My tolerance keeps me from despair,
For the dreams I will never fulfil

I wait for the time when I can see
What other people can see for free –
For now I put up with the dust and dirt
And watch the townsfolk that I serve

Poem by Angie, Bethany, Julian, Leonie, Lolly and Sammy, Year 6

Film by: Class 6CE

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