4. Dog Hill Wood

The Courageous Bench

I’m on top of the world!
Down far below the tiny town of Ledbury stares up at me

With powerful pylons producing energy,
Reaching high into the clouds

Two other benches with me form a triangle,
An eye to the spectacular view

The roofs of houses like a jigsaw puzzle,
The church spire piercing the sky like a thorn

On the horizon I catch sight of May Hill
Standing proud with its cluster of trees

I’m a very clever bench, I can tell the time,
When the clock tower rings it talks to me

I can hear the low rumbling of cars
Like a hungry giant’s tummy

And the children from Ledbury Primary School
Playing games in the distance

Woodland paths lead up to me. Climb higher!
Baby birds cheep, leaves rustle, butterflies flutter

Hobbits may lurk beneath the snaky tree roots,
Will they reveal themselves and keep me company? Fingers crossed!

In summer the blazing sun heats me up,
Fluting birds soar through the sky

The arms and fingers of trees reach out,
Catching the light dazzling by

I feel air around my feet breezing gently,
A strip of little blue Speedwell flowers tickles!

When strong winds push me I won’t budge,
I am a brave bench resting on the edge of the world

Poem by Arthur, Charlie, George, Grace, Lotta and Spencer, Years 3 & 4
Film by: Class 4RP

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