1. Recreation Ground

The Unifying Bench

When you sit on this barky bench
It will hug you,
Anyone can sit here.

Listen to a cacophony of birds
Chirping joyfully to each other
Like they’re on Britain’s Got Talent!

Trees like emerald fireworks
Explode in all directions,
Their leaves reaching, reaching…

…To tap you on your shoulder…
Ivy crawls up the older dented trees,
Some are as bumpy as buses!

Blossom, like glistening snowflakes,
Drifts and dances to the ground,
Daisies flower like love coming out,

Feel fresh grass, as green as dragon skin,
Under your feet – it smells delicious,
A growling mower marches back and forth!

There are brown monkey swings, to and fro,
A climbing frame like a spider’s web
Catching children – they aren’t quick enough!

The bench shows friendship,
It’s there when you are sad,
Or want to kiss and hug,

The bench shows patience,
It waits for people to sit down and rest,
It cares for you if you are hurt,

The bench is red, full of excitement,
It unifies children and adults
To have a great time!

Poem by: Charlie, Evie, Joe, Layla and Olivia, Years 3 & 4
Fim by: Year 3

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