Ledbury Parish Church

THE DOOR OF PEACE The Door Of Peace Is a door that is very old and crusty, As you walk towards the church gates You can taste the sign of peace Deep sounds of a lawn mower hum, The familiar sound of summer, The lovely smell of the flowers Floats around A stone archway leads…

Ledbury Swimming Pool

THE DOOR OF DETERMINATION The walls are like purple wrapping paper for a gift to Ledbury, A pair of robotic doors are ready to move, ON YOUR MARKS, GET SET, GO!! They open suddenly, automatically, when people approach, Busy aliens behind a spaceship desk sign you in, You can hear the buzz of electricity There’s…

The Market Theatre

THE DOOR OF APPRECIATION ROLL UP! ROLL UP! Clear and crisp, sing: THE MARKET THEATRE! YOU CAN’T MISS THIS ONE! A grand entrance fit for a king and queen, Slim, rectangular windows let the daylight shimmer in, Warmth floods through the door to welcome the viewers, There’s a high wooden balcony like a floating cloud,…

The Master’s House

THE DOOR OF RESPECT Walk across a historical map carved into the ground, And approach the crescent archway above the step, There’s no number on this grand door, It’s as black as the night sky, the handle is a star, It feels smooth but rough in places, As if a distressed cat had jumped up…

Ledbury Hardware

THE CARING DOOR The white and blue colours of the shop looks like the sky, The bright white doors stand there proudly, Trapped open all day with silver railings like sea shells These grand doors lead into a magical place, When you reach the top of the steps You feel like the king or queen…

Handley Organics

THE DOOR OF QUALITY A green door stands still all day long at Handley Organics, A door with a friendly face held open for you, A tornado of iron swirls and twirls proudly in the window, The paint is the colour of rainforest vines, You can see buildings looking in envy at this shop! The…

Cycles Clements

THE DOOR OF COURAGE The door cries “OUCH!” as bikes bump it, A blue bike of beauty stands tall and proud in the window, “I don’t want to be outside! I want people to say WOW at me!” It has a wonderful view of the flowers waving in the wind, The lavender smell pushes through…

Ice Bytes Cafe

THE DOOR OF FREEDOM  Yellow banana, yellow neon, yellow sun, Yellow rays of light as if shining from a glow-worm, The walls are brighter than a golden nugget, There is a shiny diamond blue door, A blueberry door, world’s sea door, the door of a starry sky, A sparkling, busy door, glittering in the beautiful…

1. Recreation Ground

“The bench shows FRIENDSHIP,
It’s there when you are sad

The bench shows PATIENCE,
It cares for you if you are hurt.”

2. The Churchyard

“I know I am a special bench, I know I am a sacred bench,
I always look forward to the peace and harmony.”

3. The Walled Garden

“A bench that is passionate for freedom!
I am free to speak and tell you about my life.”

8. Railway Branch Line

“…But I don’t worry, I’m a patient bench
I sit here quietly and take my time …”

7. The Muse Cafe

“… I will hold your back when you need me,
I am always here, I will never move,
I am a responsible bench – I know you approve!”

6. The Market House / War Memorial

“My tolerance keeps me from despair,
For the dreams I will never fulfil
I wait for the time when I can see
What other people can see for free …”

5. The Feathers

“But when I’m with families my heart fills with joy,
Smiles are worth more than the crown jewels,

4. Dog Hill Wood

“I’m on top of the world!
Down far below the tiny town of Ledbury stares up at me”